Delphina Estate


On a clear, spring day in Indiana, Elizabeth Parker discovered heaven in a beautiful,
open field. The rich soil inspired her dreams of perfect, golden popcorn. Thanks to the
sun and crisp summer rain, the seeds she planted flourished into a bountiful crop.
Thus, Delphina Estate™ was born, striving to bring you the best tasting corn harvest
on Earth.

Here at Delphina Estate ™, we prepare every kernel with great care according to our special
recipe. After experimenting with over a hundred kinds of oil, we found our kernel’s
soulmate-the very best virgin coconut oil from the tropical islands of Sumatra, Indonesia.
We preheat the kettle to 468 degrees °F, then coat the kettle’s copper base with the finest extra virgin coconut oil.
Then, we pour our delicious organic popcorn into the kettle. This combination creates a complex,
nutty flavor unlike any other popcorn, as if you could taste an Indian autumn.