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Baked Chips

In the 16th century the Aztecs created guacamole. Hand crafted from rich avocados, tomatoes, onions limes and seasonings this luscious concoction is now an iconic element of Tex-Mex a fusion of American and Mexican Cuisine.

At Temole on San Antonio, TX, we combined the classic pairing of guacamole and chips into a portable snack: avocado tortilla chips. Imagine perfect blend of our crispiest chips, the creamiest avocados, and our incredible spices from around the world!


Popcorn NewYork

OVER 30 Exciting Flavors Worldwide.

Popcorn New York was established in 2007 on the world-renowned Broadway Street in Manhattan. Each day, we continually strive to produce great tasting popcorn for our customers to enjoy. We are committed to using high-quality ingredients from the finest corn to the purest sea salt and cane sugar, which allows us to create a mouth-watering treat for all popcorn connoisseurs. We hand-pop each batch by heating the corn kernels until the sugar just begins to caramelize as the kernels pop, resulting in a thin shell of salty sweetness coated into every crunchy bite. This is how we manage to produce a delectable batch of savory popcorn every time – a light snack that can complement any occasion or event!


Tavola Snacks

Tavola. Italian for table. With the aroma of fresh herbs wafting from a brick oven, we welcome you to sit at our table. Tavola Risotto Chips start with premium rice and end with an unforgettably satisfying crunch. Our Risotto chips are a gourmet rebuttal to the bland-tasting diet rice cakes out there. Say goodbye to boring rice cakes! . Baked to be naturally heart-healthy, each grain of rice delivers in full­on flavor and crunch.


Hampton Harvest

Growing up in New England autumn was our favorite time of year. Everything was crispy! You had crunchy piles of leaves to jump into, crisp air to wake you up on the way to school, cracking bonfires, mom’s crispy baked pumpkin crisps.

These delicious crisps are made with fresh pumpkin, chia seeds, and brown rice, offering a good source of protein, and a bounty of all flavor with each bite. Start snacking better with Hampton Harvest



Daily Bites! Your wholesome new choice of snacking made from premium ingredients for a healthier mind and body. Baked and packed as a perfect snack to nibble on. Loaded with premium quality oats from Australia, luscious cranberries and protein-rich pumpkin seeds to satisfy your cravings. GLUTEN-FREE HIGH IN FIBER WHEAT FREE BAKED OATS Snacks rich in protein and nutritional values are difficult to come by. Our goal in creating create the Daily Bites granola was to produce a snack that is guilt-free and naturally free of trans fat. A snack that retains much the natural flavors of its ingredients making it a perfect snacking companion.

Stella Popcorn

PopThe first taste of Stella Popcorn came about one day as Stella was popping popcorn over the flame and her mama pulled out a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from her hometown on the island of Sicily, a Mediterranean haven for plump and decadent olives. A good bottle of olive oil is multi-dimensional: vibrant, crisp, and distinctive. Real olive oil speaks highly of its provenance. Without any hesitation, Stella drizzled the oil on her popcorn. Velato! Stella knew she had to share this deliciously simple recipe with others—a celebration of Italian terra.


Junglee Jack

Sometimes life is a jungle. We’re just monkeys swinging all day from tree to tree, desperate for a break on any branch. Junglee Jack has exactly what you need to refuel and to put the zest back in your life-Junglee Jack Gourmet Banana Chips!
Junglee Jack Gourmet Banana Chips are made from freshly harvested bananas, hand-cut into thin slices, and cooked to a golden brown in small batches. Once they’ve got the perfect crunch, the delectable banana chips are seasoned with our secret blend of bold spices.



Momentum is here to get you in shape woth your everyday protein intake. Get the necessary refuel instantly with our Momentum range of products, from bars to shakes. Momentum has got you covered!

Delphina Estate


On a clear, spring day in Indiana, Elizabeth Parker discovered heaven in a beautiful,
open field. The rich soil inspired her dreams of perfect, golden popcorn. Thanks to the
sun and crisp summer rain, the seeds she planted flourished into a bountiful crop.
Thus, Delphina Estate™ was born, striving to bring you the best tasting corn harvest
on Earth.

Here at Delphina Estate ™, we prepare every kernel with great care according to our special
recipe. After experimenting with over a hundred kinds of oil, we found our kernel’s
soulmate-the very best virgin coconut oil from the tropical islands of Sumatra, Indonesia.
We preheat the kettle to 468 degrees °F, then coat the kettle’s copper base with the finest extra virgin coconut oil.
Then, we pour our delicious organic popcorn into the kettle. This combination creates a complex,
nutty flavor unlike any other popcorn, as if you could taste an Indian autumn.




How do we make popcorn so special? With the best Ingredient there is. Love.

The Isabella Popcorn story starts with a city family that moved to the New England countryside. Two young professionals in Manhattan fell in love and married. They soon welcomed their adorable baby girl and named her Isabella. Mom knew that one of the most important foundational lessons to nurture little Isabella was to teach her to eat well…

Food is love, joy, connection.

Their Sunday night family movie ritual meant either popping a big bowl of popcorn to share or going for the sweet indulgence of ice cream. Miss Bella’s preference though was always ice cream, and when everyone had their own pint of a different flavor, she made her rounds and sampled them all!

The best of all worlds was when Isabella mixed popcorn and ice cream together to create a new invention: ice cream flavoured popcorn.